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    We are looking for strongly-motivated PostDoc, PhD, Master, and undergraduate students to join us! If you are interested in visualization research, please contact us.
  • Oct 30, 2019
    Di Weng and Jiachen Wang, two of our Ph.D. members, have received National Scholarships. Congratulations!
  • Oct 27, 2019
    Our paper AirVis: Visual Analytics of Air Pollution Propagation has been accepted by IEEE VAST 2019.
  • Oct 27, 2019
    Our paper Tac-Simur: Tactic-based Simulative Visual Analytics of Table Tennis has been accepted by IEEE VAST 2019.
IDG founded in 2015 is a vi­su­al­iza­tion group in Zhe­jiang Uni­ver­sity, P.R. China. Our re­search aims to create novel in­for­ma­tion vi­su­al­ization, vis­ual an­a­lyt­ics, aug­mented/vir­tual re­al­ity, and hu­man com­puter in­ter­ac­tion tech­nol­ogy to em­power users to do an­a­lyt­i­cal rea­son­ing with big data in var­i­ous set­tings, such as ur­ban in­for­mat­ics, sports an­a­lyt­ics, be­hav­ior an­a­lyt­ics, and so­cial me­dia an­a­lyt­ics.

Tac-Simur VAST 2019

In this study, we propose a well-established hybrid second-order Markov chain model to characterize and simulate the competition process in table tennis. Compared with existing methods, our approach is the first to support the effective simulation of tactics, which represent high-level competition strategies in table tennis. Furthermore, we introduce a visual analytics system called Tac-Simur based on the proposed model for simulative visual analytics.

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AirVis VAST 2019

In this work, we develop a novel pattern mining framework to model pollutant transportation and extract frequent propagation patterns efficiently from large-scale atmospheric data. Furthermore, we design and develop AirVis, a novel visual analytics system that assists domain experts in efficiently capturing and interpreting the uncertain propagation patterns of air pollution based on graph visualizations.

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We design and implement MARVisT, a mobile authoring tool that leverages information from reality to assist non-experts in creating expressive AR glyph-based visualizations rapidly and effortlessly, reshaping the representation of the real world with data.

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ForVizor VAST 2018

In this study, we design a novel spatio-temporal visual representation of changes in team formation, allowing analysts to visually analyze the evolution of formations and track the spatial flow of players within formations over time. Based on the new design, we fur-ther design and develop ForVizor, a visual analytics system, which empowers users to track the spatio-temporal changes in forma-tion and understand how and why such changes occur.

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SRVis InfoVis 2018

Interactive ranking techniques have substant-ially promoted analysts’ ability in making judi-cious and informed decisions effectively based on multiple criteria. Based on a set of generic design requirements we summarized by coll-aborating with domain experts, we propose SRVis, a novel spatial ranking visualization technique that supports efficient spatial multi-criteria decision-making processes.

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iStoryline InfoVis 2018

The storyline visualization is widely used in presenting the evolution of complex relationships between entities, such as the interactions among characters in movies. We propose a novel authoring tool called iStoryline to incorporate human knowledge into the storyline layouts and help designers craft storyline visualizations efficiently.

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ImageVis TVCG 2018

Interactive visualization of large image collections is important and useful. We propose a novel co-embedding model to project images and the associated semantic keywords to the same 2D space. Our system naturally supports multi-scale visualization, navigation, and iterative refinements of the co-embedding layout.

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Finding an ideal home is a difficult and laborious process. By characterizing user requirements and analytical tasks in the context of finding ideal homes, we designed ReACH, a novel visual analytics system that assists people in finding, evaluating, and choosing a home based on multiple criteria, including reachability.

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iTTVis InfoVis 2017

We propose iTTVis, a novel interactive table tennis visualization system, which to our knowledge, is the first visual analysis system for analyzing and exploring table tennis data. iTTVis provides a holistic visualization of an entire match from three main perspectives, namely, time-oriented, statistical, and tactical analyses.

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